European Mafia

Hail Austria/Deuchsland/ Sweden/ Italia and sister nordic countries. We are original war boys from nuked tibiantis and rest assured we put sand donkeys gypsys to the grave with ak47s. Friendly people enjoy best server longterm old is gold!

The guild was founded on Tibianic on 17 May 2024.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Level Vocation
CHIEFPutin Euro Furher (TOP DON)63Master Sorcerer
WaffenPut Inn (Boss of Warsaw)46Paladin
WaffenWoody Starbringer (Terorist Killer)90Elite Knight
BlitzkreigDrakhex (King Pin)45Paladin
BlitzkreigIsrael Defence Force (No Ceasefire)7Knight
BlitzkreigJoseph Gobbels (Mr Propaganda)7Paladin
BlitzkreigPanico (F your Noise)21Sorcerer
BlitzkreigRekaczlowka Dominado (Murder Inc )19Druid
Invited characters
Pistol Pete

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