Server Information

Free PremiumIt is free to play and everyone has free premium!
World typePvP.
HousesEveryone can buy houses. House rents are paid monthly and deducted from your characters bank account.
BoatsThere is no protection zone on boats and everyone can travel everywhere!
Shared experienceOnce you are in a party, the party leader can activate shared experience by typing !share.
Parcel blockStacking parcels and other objects such as boxes & crates will block player movement.
Frag TimeYou lose one frag every 24 hours.
Red SkullYou get redskull if you kill, 5 or more unmarked players in 24 hours, 10 in a week or 20 in a month.
BanYou get banned for 7 days if you kill, 10 or more unmarked players in 24 hours, 20 in a week or 30 in a month.
SpellsYou do not need to buy spells in order to use them. For more information on the requirements, press here.
RunesRunes conjured by players.
DjinnsEveryone has immediate and free access to both djinn factions and can trade with them.
RashidEveryone has immediate and free access to Rashid and can trade with him.
RookgaardThe first town you would come to with every new character.
Ab'DendrielThe land of elves and nature. This is where many elves live.
CarlinRuled by women and Queen Eloise. Not many monsters invade this town and they are far away from it.
KazordoonThe homeland of all dwarves that was created by the enormous giants and cyclopses millions of years ago.
ThaisThe land of busy government where King Tibianus lives. They see themselves as the capital of all of Tibia.
VenoreA town built on a swamp. This town is based on economy and sells many items, making it an ideal choice of living in. Before a certain update this was the most dangerous town of all because of the monsters that live near it. Many monsters were lured near the path to Venore, for example Giant Spiders, Dragons and other evil creatures.
EdronA big and peaceful island east of Tibia. Famous for their extraordinary magicians who work and experiment with spells in Noodles Academy of Modern Magic. Many unknown and dangerous creatures hide in the deep dungeons on this island!
DarashiaThe first town that was discovered on the desert island Darama.
AnkrahmunAnother desert town, famous for their ancient pyramids and located in southern Darama.

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