Signup Terms

    You are only allowed to create an account at Tibianic if you agree and accept that Tibianic is the sole owner of your account. We may modify, remove or anything else with your account at anytime we wish. We may also banish, delete or in any other way add punishments to the account for whatever reason we want. And we may do so, without notifying you.

    You also agree that Tibianic will send all your information and data to police forces in whatever country we wish in case you are doing illegal activities such as hacking, DDosing or in any other way bring illegal harm towards the game or other players.

    You also agree on that purchasing golden account or other services does not give you any rights, Tibianic will still be the sole owner of your account and whatever you purchase is by definition Tibianic property once a transaction has been completed.

    By creating an account and/or login to the game/website you automatically agree to all terms, conditions and rules provided by Tibianic.
    You also agree on that any of the mentioned things may change at anytime and will always apply to you.

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